About Me:

Since I started my performing career one cold January afternoon on the pedestrian street
in Copenhagen, I have been doing shows all over Europe - on the streets, at festivals
and at private parties.

Besides being a professional juggler I also organize juggling conventions and have started
the Danish Juggling Association - Hoping to see more creative Jugglers in Denmark.

Besides Juggling and Performing I also love Teaching, and have a Bachelor degree in
Education and Cultural Studies.
Therefore I really enjoy doing workshops for both children and adults, jugglers and

In my shows I mix skillful juggling and comedy. My main technical skills are:
- Tricks with 3 balls/clubs/knives/torches/glow-clubs
- 5 club juggling
- Balancing
- Slack rope walking

Jon Skjerning-Rasmussen  - phone: (+45) 86 12 35 82   -    mobile: (+45) 61 77 35 82      Email: info@juggler.dk